One thought on “PA School Case Study–How He Got In PA School

  1. Hi Dave,

    Lately I have been researching about pa programs and trying to see if I could possibly be a good fit. As of now I am majoring in psychology and should obtain my associates by next year. I have read that usually to get into a pa school you need a bachelors. However, I have come across joint degree’s which looks like a b.s and m.a combined within a 5 year or less period for students pursuing the PA career. My question is once I finish my associates in psychology would I be able to apply to a PA school? I understand I would need volunteer experience in the medical field as well…so far I have obtained a pharmacy technician degree so I can learn more about medicine (especially behavioral) while also interning for a few pharmacies. I am aspiring to be a PA specializing in psychiatry.

    Thanks for your time

    Tamiera R.

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