Physician Assistant School Requirement #1

Future PA,

In this video, I share with you the #1 PA School Requirement. What I reveal in this video may surprise you! There are several known PA school requirements, but the one mentioned here is THE most important. Take a look….

What did you think of that PA school requirement? Can you handle that one? I sure hope so.

Helping you get into PA School,

“The PA Coach”

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6 thoughts on “Physician Assistant School Requirement #1

  1. Dave,
    I appreciate this video and hopefully my passion will help me get into PA school. I have an interview with a school inMarch even without an outstanding gpa or major healthcare experience. I truly love the field of PA and believe in providing outstanding pateint care. I hope my interviewers can see that!

  2. Thank you for all of your informative videos!

    I was wondering if you have any tips for how to deal with the financial burderns of pursuing a PA degree. Alot of programs that help u gain experience are not paid, or pay very little. I am also told that while you are in PA school you mostly live off of loans. Do you have any advice or videos on this ?

  3. Hello Dave,

    Thank you for your insightful videos. I am a college graduate and initially pursued an entirely different field. Once learning of the PA profession I have been consumed with it. Which is how I have come across your videos on YouTube. This profession was created for me. I am now enrolled and taking the prerequisites for PA school and am excited the more I learn about it. I do have a question however, I am currently volunteering in a hospital but do not have any professional medical background. From this juncture, what would be my best course of action?

    1. Your best course of action is to continue to take and make A’s in the prereqs. Also find a way to get some “paid” healthcare experience as well. For example Medical assistant, EMT, CNA etc. Best of luck to you.

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