How To Ensure That Your PA School Essay Gets Noticed!

The PA school essay is one of the toughest requirements you need to accomplish before applying. It needs to show off the real you while impressing the admissions committee. It needs to get their attention in a good way. How will you do that? The PA Coach teaches you how in this video below:



How you doing this is Dave DuBose the PA Coach from Today’s video is going to be focused on ┬ánarrative essay. Applying for PA school some, wow, 20 years ago, I remember the essay probably the most sleep depriving, anxiety-driven process of the whole application for me.


Coming up with something to say that sounded good, written nice, made sense, can capture the attention of the admissions committee was pretty daunting, and I remember writing and rewriting in writing some more and asking for opinions and not being satisfied and doing again. I mean I can’t remember the amount of times and paper I wasted for writing and rewriting that essay. I want to give your tip today, and I want you to take key to and try to make something out of it.


Make sure that when you write your essay, you know that somebody is going to read it.


I know it sounds very simple, right? But don’t just put a bunch of facts and numbers and stats and regurgitate your resume, or regurgitate your CASPA ap. In the essay, actually write something that people would enjoy reading. Think about this from kids from childhood we’ve been taught to read stories read books right or think about your grandparents or parents telling great stories and how it captivated you, right? So just try your best to write in a way where people want to read.


Let it flow and read it like a good story if you can. Not just some boring stacks of facts and fiction and figures, okay? For more information like this, go check out or check out my product to help you write a much better essay.
All right. Talk to you later.

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