11 thoughts on “Why You MUST Market Yourself To Get Into PA School

  1. Hi Dave,

    First of all, THANK YOU for all of the help you provide on your website and on YouTube. I have signed up for your #7 common mistakes series and have reviewed, these and all the others I can find. They have helped me in my preparation for my upcoming interview. Your videos have also helped me realize the reasons why I didn’t get into PA school the first time I applied, three years ago. I’m not making the same mistakes this time around!

    I am not sure how to market my “features” to make them stand out enough so that the interviewing committee will choose me. Here are some qualities from my application that I feel have made me stand out amongst many applicants:

    1) I speak 6 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch) and I also know American Sign Language. I also dwell into other languages, but I do not speak them fluently.
    2) I have a Bachelors of Arts from UC Riverside, having a custom-designed major in 3 Foreign Languages.
    3) I have OVER 10 years of volunteer clinical experience at one location, which is a Free clinic.
    4) I have a 3.73 GPA overall
    5) I have also volunteered abroad in Honduras for the Medical Global Brigade
    6) I am a Certified Medical Assistant. I graduated with honors, awarded Valedictorian, and given a “Beyond Call of Duty” Award.

    I hope you can read this before my interview on 4/19/2013. The school I applied to did not require me to send in a personal statement, but instead I will have to write one the day of the interview. Also, this school will have a 2nd round of interviews and then will make their final decision. Honestly, I feel like I’m on a “So you think you can dance” competition.

    I guess what I’m asking is this: How to market myself well without sounding desperate?

    Thank you,

  2. Nancy,

    Sorry I didn’t get back to you before your interview. :-( Based on the above info, you seem to be a really good applicant.

    I hope the interview went well. Please keep us posted.


  3. Thanks for this video. I knew these things but it really just motivated me to really write my narrative essay. (You sound just like my cousin).

  4. Hi Dave, I have emailed you twice about the personal coaching. Please contact me as soon as possible!


  5. Dave,
    Thank you for all your help and videos it means a lot to me. I will be applying to PA school next year after I have taken all my prerequisites. I am a paramedic in Ohio and currently a Ronald E. McNair Scholar as well as a biology and chemistry major. I really want to cultivate my medical knowledge beyond what I have learned as a paramedic. By the grace of God I have made it this far and look forward to applying to a PA program. Thank you again for your time and effort in making these videos.

  6. I am re-applying as I did not get into PA school the first time. I’m having trouble including the fact that I am re-applying into my narrative. What do you recommend?

  7. @Vanessa–What’s important here is to communicate with the Admissions Committee how you have improved as an applicant since your last application. This is your chance to highlight accomplishments such as having more health care experience, more PA shadowing, improving GPA, raising GRE score etc. Best of luck to you.

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