8 thoughts on “What Is Your WHY? Why Go To PA School?

  1. My why is: I want a versatile career with job security that I feel good about doing because it helps people in a meaningful way. I love the complexities and challenges of unraveling biological puzzles. I want to help alleviate suffering in people. I have a deep desire to understand how to help people medically.

    Thanks for asking me to think about the big question Dave.

  2. My why is: I want a steady career where I can feel good about myself, having the knowledge that I can support myself and a future family. I love challenges of finding solutions to problems, knowing that I have helped someone in need. I currently work as a CT/Xray tech and love working in medicine because it allows me to help in finding those solutions!

    Thanks for asking!!!!

    1. Awesome!!! Keep your WHY in mind at all times. It is your WHY that will keep you focused on your goals and dreams!

  3. I am a Nurse Assistant in the state of GA. I was supposed to go on the Nursing field to become a nurse practicioner, but being a CNA discouraged me from being a nurse because of the back-breaking work. Nursing is physically demanding and has put a strain on my back.

    I want to be in the medical field and become a mid-level practioner. Physician Assisting is a better choice for me because the schooling is shorter and I can practice medicine, which is more interesting than wiping patients’ butts all day LOL! The human body is an amazing thing and I will never be bored with this field.

    I also want to reach out to the hispanic population. I am a Puerto Rican American and many of us are NOT in the medical field. The hispanic population is severly underserved due to poverty and langauge barriers between patient and physician. I come from a poor background myself and most of my family don’t even have high school diplomas. I don’t want to be another statistic in the hispanic community. I want to be an example.

  4. I am a junior, biology major student. I have a plan in pursuing into PA school. I have good academic standing and working on accumulating my clinical hours. Basically, I am trying as much as I can to prepare my self to become a good candidate on the eyes of admission people of PA schools. However, I have a big concern. English is my second language and I have a thick accent. How negatively can this affect my admission interview, and also my performance in PA school?
    Thank You
    Canaan Mekonnen

    1. Canaan, As long as you are a qualified applicant, I’m sure the AdComm can overcome your accent. Best of luck to you my friend.

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