PA School: Ask the Reader.

I want to hear from you today. Answer the following question:
“Why did you choose PA over MD or NP?

Sound off. Let me know YOUR reason(s) why. This is a very personal decision and only you know why you want to become a Physician Assistant.

“The PA Coach”

7 thoughts on “PA School: Ask the Reader.

  1. I am. 18 years old freshman in community college and I knew I wanted to be a physician assistant right before I graduated high school. I chosed P.A because because of many reasons.
    1. I can work and still have a family. As a young lady I do hope to have a family one day and knowing I can have a rewarding job and be there for my family is great!
    2. I like the idea of working together with a physician and knowing I always have a physician there for any help
    3. I like how P.A can work in many specialties. I am interested in emergency medicine, pediatrics and Ob/Gyn and knowing I can work in all 3 is also great
    4. I chosed P.A over N.P because learning under the medical school model is really wha pt I am interested in. I want people to know they can rely on me to help them with their Heath and one of my goals as a P.A is that I want to teach in a P.A program

  2. I think Jamil really hit the mark with number 3. I love that the PA profession has so much versatility and endless options. There is no way anyone can get bored in this profession! . My major determinig factor for not choosing NP is truley the curriculum difference. But it is important to acknowledge that there should not be a hierarchy in the care provided to patients. Its a team effort to provide the best patient care. As for the MD profession, I know I am capable of succeeding as a MD, but just like jamil above, I see The PA prof as my perfect piece of the puzzle to where i want my life to be and having time with my growing family. Many surgeons I have spoken to have said ” if i could do it again… I would go to PA school” . I seen PA’s provide amazing patient care that has cemented the notion of this being what I want to do.

  3. Jennifer, usually an alternate will get the call if the chosen students decide not to take the spot. If you don’t get in this time, then apply again next year. Be sure to ask them how you could become a stronger applicant—then follow their advice. Good Luck. I hope you get the spot this year!!!

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