Getting Into The Physician Assistant School Of Your Choice: 3 Steps

Hello Future PA!

In this post I wanted to give you a few steps that may help you get into the Physician Assistant School of your choice. Having been on the Admissions Committe for a Top 3 PA School, I have seen just about EVERYTHING! :-) Good, Bad and Ugly.

I will say though, that there is light at the end of the tunnel for the informed applicant. With that being said, here is a list of things that you should do to get your seat in your favorite PA Program:

Step #1: Research The School–I want you to find out as much about this school as possible. Study their website, send for their brochures etc. Learn as much as you can about their mission, type of applicant, etc. Once you know what they are looking for, then you can reverse engineer the process to fit their mold perfectly.

Step #2: Attend the Open House:–I know that this seems like a no-brainer, but I am surprised at the number of students that don’t do this simple step. Here is your chance to get belly to belly with the powers that be. Are you kidding me!? you can potentially meet the Admissions Director, key faculty members, admission committee members, current students,( Don’t miss this easy step.

Step #3: Rise Above the Competition–I need you to exceed the minimum requirements set forth by this PA Program. Exceed their number of Health Care experience hours needed, exceed the GPA and GRE requirments, write the most compelling, heart-touching(honest) essay possible and last but not least, “Rock” the PA School interview. (

There is a lot more that goes into the PA application and acceptance process, but if you master the above 3 Steps you will be so much closer to getting into the PA school of your choice.

Helping you get into PA School,

“The PA Coach”

6 thoughts on “Getting Into The Physician Assistant School Of Your Choice: 3 Steps

  1. Will seven years working in Iraq and Afghanistan conducting security, CASAVAC, MEDIVAC operations count as medical experience? I held a EMT basic qualification but have failed maintain current national certs. In that time spent in the asymmetric battle space I have treated a lot of horrifically injured people who survived, this has left me with the will to become a PA after seeing how I can change the out come of some who other wise would have lost there life. Also with such experience will that be held against me due to the controversial nature of this conflict?

    1. Chris, I don’t see why this experience can’t be counted. It’s like you functioned as a combat medic of sort. This is very noble of you and thanks for serving. NO, your service to this country would not be frowned upon at all. I believe quite the contrary and would be celebrated.

  2. Dave, I am a foreign medical graduate, interested in applying to PA program,but I don’t know if the schools will think Iam over qualified for pa program as I have already finished all the medical subjects,.HOw do I show them, that I can be a good fit in this program……….thanks

  3. Dave,
    I am a paramedic. How important is medical experience when applying for PA or nursing school? Does experience give an advantage when two people are similar in other qualifications.
    Thank you. Thanks also for all the help.

  4. Dear Dave:
    Thanks for your information about Physician Assistant on the web.I become very interested in this job.I’m from China and I have graduated from medical college of Zhe Jiang University where I got a MD last year and I wonder which kind of Physician Assistant School should I apply for since I’ve got a Master’s Degree already.And I’ve heard that it’ll be easier for me to match a PA program if I have a greed card which actually I don’t have,is that true? Then what should I do?
    Yours sincerely,

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