Hey Dave, I should have emailed you sooner. But in December I got into 5 schools! 1 of them being in Philadelphia close to me. I got into 5 of the 6 I interviewed. Thanks again for coaching, prepping, and providing the insight!  

Ryan A.

“Awesome! The Mock interviews helped out so much! They are so good to practice with. People say, “why do you take it so seriously?” I hate that question! This is our future, we must take it seriously! Coach, your products are amazing. The next one in line for me is the one on one interview! God bless everyone!!”  

Anna M.

Dave, today I just received a call from the Admissions Director and was offered a spot in the next year’s class! So thank you again for helping me prepare for the interview. It was very, very helpful!  

Amanda D.

Dave, I’ve been accepted to George Washington Univ for the summer of 2014. Your insight has guided me every step. Thank you for all of your dedication, and happy holidays!!  


Last year I Bombed it…this year I ROCKED the interview!!! Received my acceptance letter to Eastern Virginia Med School PA program!!! Thank so much for all your wonderful advice. I felt overly prepared, kept my eye on the prize and now the prize is MINE!!!!  

LaTasha V.

Dave, I GOT INTO PA SCHOOL!!!! Your videos and advice have been monumental in my quest towards becoming a Physician Assistant. I received requests for interviews from just about every school I applied to; I even managed to land a coveted spot in the PA Program of my choice!!! I’m thrilled, and you played a huge part in my success. I am forever grateful to you!  


Hi Dave! First school, first shot – I got in! Thank you thank you thank you 100 000 times! I will make sure the word about you and your amazing videos gets out there! It def worked!  

Emily S.

I wanted to take a second to say thank you. You and your professional editor were amazing with the editing for the essay, and I appreciated your support and patience while working to get the best product possible. Also, the mock interview and phone consultation for essay editing definitely helped me not feel as in the dark and like I knew what I had to do. After the first interview I was able to relax a lot more and they became increasingly easier. I think that what you do is great, and I’m so so soooo excited to be going to PA school on my first attempt of applying! What an amazing outcome. Thank you again, and I hope all is well.  

L. Davenport

Dave, I just want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! This past weekend I had a PA school interview and did not know how to prepare for it at all. I was so nervous. I seeked all kinds of help, and finally resorted to youtube where I came across your videos. After watching each and every one of them and purchasing your mock interviews, I was able to go into my interview and ACE it! I couldn’t have done it without you! Your questions helped make me think critically and your tips gave me the confidence I needed! I’m happy to say that I heard back this afternoon and I was accepted! Thank you for helping me fulfill my dream! Don’t ever stop what you do! God bless you!  

L. Franks

Not sure if you got my last message Dave but I just want to truly Thank You for the youtube videos. I watched those videos numerous times and followed the advice to a T. Because of your tips I had a great narrative. I also purchased the interviews and listened to them over and over so I would be prepared for every possible question they would ask.Because of you, I ACED my interview. I went for an Interview on a Friday and got a call back on the following Tuesday to my top choice school UAB. So guys keep pushing because if its for you it will happen!!”  

Jace C

Dear Dave Dubose, I probably have watched EVERY SINGLE VIDEO that you have produced. I also purchased themock interviews, and the transcripts to go with them, and I would study them before my interviews, and on my flights to my interviews, and in the motel the night before my interviews. I have been accepted to two schools, and i’m waiting to hear back from GWU in D.C. Thank you so much Dave, your advice was key to landing me a spot in “my opinion” which is the best program in the nation. THANK YOU SO MUCH, I hope you have a blessed day Dave Dubose. Thank you for helping me achieve my dream.  

Peter K.

Dave, I got accepted to Chatham University’s PA program! After 2 interviews, and no luck, I decided it was time to purchase your product. Wow, what a difference. I went into my interview at Chatham with more confidence than ever because I was better prepared. Those mock interviews are worth every penny! I have recommended you to a few of my friends who are also trying to get in. Thanks again Dave, you are the man!!  

Elizabeth L

Hi Dave, This is Elizabeth L. I wanted to let you know that I have just been accepted into another physician assistant program yesterday, and I also have another interview coming up on Wednesday! Thank you for all your encouragement and guidance!  


Having failed to get acceptance into PA school, I had to re-write my essay. As I stared at the blank computer screen, I realized I needed help. I searched through the countless websites looking for tips and tricks, but nothing really provided the knock out punch that I needed to differentiate myself from the thousands of other quality candidates. I was frustrated! Then, I came across Dave’s book. At the low price, I figured why not? Once I got it, I was amazed! It was like Dave was reading my mind about the questions and comments he posed to the reader. The book is easy to read and understand. It is written in a relaxed and friendly tone. This reduced much of the anxiety in an extremely stressful process. The self-analysis questions are outstanding. They virtually unlock a river of material that you can work with to piece together an essay that will make you stand out from the sea of other applicants. Once you have your building blocks, Dave walks you through the process of formulating a “knock your socks off” statement. He covers misconceptions, organization, emotional effect, keys points, and even issues for non-native English speakers. I had the foundations for my statement and a quality rough draft in no time. I highly recommend this book for those who want to stand out and have a great essay!  

Greg D.

Dave, I just finished two interviews for PA school, one of them being my absolute, #1 choice school, UTMB-Galveston. Throughout my journey I scoured the web for all things PA, and would watch your tips on YouTube before snoozing. Admittedly, I never really paid for your products, but I still benefitted from what material you did allow for free. Your advice really helped me focus and also let me feel at ease going into my interviews. Thanks for your passion to folks like myself who absolutely cannot wait to become part of such a great profession.  

Charles G.

Dave, This E-book made writing my narrative essay easy. the book provided me with a solid outline to write ideas about my essay and provided me with a blueprint to write a sucessful narrative essay that was in my mind submit ready. I recieved the E-book on a Friday and was able to write a complete draft of my essay within two days. This book not only provides you with pages to brainstorm for ideas but also includes example essays on how to go about writing one. Thanks again Dave so much for such a great tool for me to utilize towards getting into PA school. If you are staring at a blank computer screen or piece of paper and have no idea how to even begin writing your narrative essay I highly recommend purchasing the E-book as an investment towards your future. Thanks again Dave!  

Emily S.

Hi Dave! I wanted to let you know that today I received my first call from University of Florida informing me that I was selected for an interview (according to their site only 125 people even get selected for interviews…wow!). Obviously the process is far from over, and I’m sure I will end up doing the mock interview. I thought that I would let you know that I did indeed get an interview though, and say thank you once again for all the help you have provided!  

Valerie G.

Hi Dave!! I wanted to give you my sincerest thanks for your E-Book. Struggling with my PA essay, Ipurchased your book and within a few hours, I was able to create a tear jerking essay for the admissions committee to read. If it’s okay with you, I would like to post the essay below, so that you may see the masterpiece you were able to help me create. Thank you again so much! Sincerely,  

Michael Sebastian Hill PA-S

Dave, I have tremendous news sir! I have been accepted! I’m absolutely blown away. I had 4 doors close for me and only 1 open. In fact, I only had 1 interview, and I completely blew it away!!! The least I can do is express my gratitude to you for taking the intiative and setting the world of prospective PA students on fire! Without your tips and tactics I wouldn’t have been so driven to drill that interview! I was literally moon walking out of that place! I feel 3 levels above cloud 9! On cloud 27 sir! hahah You know Dave it’s a blessing that GOD has placed great people such as yourself on this earth to make it spin. I wish I could meet you for a firm hand shake sir. I will keep in touch no doubt, and thank you so very much for being a light in the cave that I once called disparity! You the man! B-) cool With warmest regards,  

S. Kane

Mr. DuBose. I just wanted to pass along to you a THANK YOU from me and my family. I retired from the US Navy in April 2011. I was working as an Independant Duty Corpsman and was able to complete my BS at ODU in Virginia before I retired. I have wanted to be a PA for about 15 years now and I said ’When I retire I will start applying’. Well here I am and watching your videos and reading the interview tips paid off. I applied to one school and got an interview. I went to EVMS in Norfolk. There were 1,500 applicants for 65 spots. I was selected as one of the 140 interviewees. A few weeks ago I went down to the school and left feeling confident but, unsure. Well Last Thursday I about passed out when they offered me a seat. I accepted without hesitation. I watched your videos over and over and they gave me confidence and understanding. This was key for me not to be nervous during the interview process. Thank you for all you do. If there is anything I can do to repay the favor let me know. Sincerely  


Hi Dave, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for assisting me in preparing for my PA school interview. I applied to only one school and was offered a space in their 2013 program an hour after I left my interview. I felt very prepared from watching your videos and the content was so relevant to what I actually experienced in my interview. Please keep up the great work in preparing others! Best Wishes.  


Dear Dave– I have some exciting news for you! I got into Midwestern University, Glendale! I couldn’t have done it without your sound advice and encouraging words. Thank you for your help!! I’m now in the process of trying to gather as much information about what my new life is going to be like. I am excited but a little nervous about the workload and student dynamics. Thanks again for your support and encouragement!  

B. Trevino

Hello Dave Thank you once again for all the help! “I appreciate the time you take as a professional to help people like me get into PA school.”  


“I really commend you for helping pre-PA students get into PA school, I am very grateful for every little bit of information I can get my hands on. I am gaining confidence for my interview with your help.”  

E. Lonon

David, “To say the least, I found your website encouraging and helpful. I am still making my baby steps (takingmy prerequisites) in preparing to apply to PA schools, but your videos and other information gave me extra kick that I needed. The info is valuable and it made me believe more in my abilities to get it. I am now strongly convinced that I do have the personality to be a great PA. Thank you so much. If I am succesful, I know it will be not only because I worked hard but also because of your advice.”  


Thanks Dave for all of your great advice. You’ve helped me to gain acceptance into UW MEDEX.  

Pete Isaac Baker

“Getting into PA school was the most arduous task I have ever undertaken. The academic pre-requisites, the application process, and the interview sessions were daunting to say the least. I am one of the lucky ones to be accepted this year…and I freely admit I could not have made it without Dave. His encouragement kept me going through the rough times (and there will be rough times), and his technical expertise gave me the skills to impress the interview boards (and they are not easily impressed). Do not spend your time and resources to do this without having Dave “The PA Coach” DuBose in your corner!!”  

Mallory H

Dave, I just wanted to thank you for helping me with my PA personal statement and also for the videos you have posted on the art of interviewing to become a PA. I also purchased the PA Interview transcripts that are available on your site. All of our hard work paid off and I was offered a chair at my top choice school just yesterday. The changes you suggested to my personal statement made it more powerful and cogent. I am convinced that it helped to persuade the admissions committee to grant me my interview. I was nervous going into the interview, but watching your videos and reading the transcripts prepared me so well, it turned out to be a just a pleasant chat and a great opportunity to simply explain my passion for becoming a PA! Thank you again for your personal attention and all the great things available through your website. I look forward to joining you in the PA profession!


Morning Dave, Great news! I have been accepted into Howard PA Program for Fall 2013. Praise the Lord!!!! I am so thankful for all your help with the interview process. The Mock Interview made all the difference! I am going to PA school

Josh Lee

Mr. Dubose, My name is Josh Lee and I have been a student trying to get into PA school for a few years now. I applied for the first time a year ago and got my first interview. That is when I came across your youtube videos and site. I watched them extensively took notes and supplemented it with other books and information. I was declined but kept going and didn’t give up. This application year I was given more interviews and again went back to your videos to touch up on material. I was accepted into every program I applied to this year, including my #1 pick. I was emailing you to say thank you for the incredible information you put online for students like me. I had a lot of resources and mentors but I would always go back to your videos for the pep-talk the night before the interview. So thank you. I am now helping ”mentor” a few students that think they want to be PA’s and I tell them to watch your videos and strongly encourage setting up a coaching session with you. I was lucky to have a great group of mentors and resources and had been pretty organized throughout the process and decided not to pay for a coaching session though it really crossed my mind. I really hope that others I send to you will opt to have a session with you as I can only imagine how much it would help. Thank you again. Soon to be PA-S,

B. Jugovic

Mr. DuBose, I am glad to say that I was accepted into the McMaster University PA program in Ontario, Canada for the fall !!. I really appreciate all of your assistance and videos! Keep up the good work!!


Hi Dave, “Thank you so much for the videos! They have been extremely helpful. My name is Julie, I just completed my undergrad this past June. I admire your dedication to helping students get accepted into PA school. Keep up the good work!”


Dave, “Thank you very much Dave. This message came at the perfect time. Your videos give me an edge and your help is invaluable.”


Hi David! I was accepted into BOTH of the PA schools that I applied to and I am so happy! Your videos and advise were extremely helpful. Thanks again!

S. Garcia

Mr. DuBose, I used your mock interviews before going to my first and only interview. I also used all of your free videos on youtube. I got into my school of choice on my first attempt. Your information is invaluable and the price was very inexpensive. Thank you very much for taking the time to put all of these videos together. You have changed my life

D. Enriquez

Dear Mr. DuBose, “I just wanted to thank you again for your help during this admissions year. I just wanted to let you know that I got into the Yale PA program and I am very excited to begin my career in this field. Thank you again and I really appreciate you.”